For me, the why is important.

As I write this, I’m questioning why I’m bothering to put this blog site together.  Seriously, putting all this information together is gonna take time away from all the stuff I mention in my about page…right?

I think what it comes down to is hoping all of what I’ve learned getting this machine up and running will help someone else do the same…hopefully better.

Additionally, I’ve been frustrated by how hard its been to find information on this old mill, namely…the old Allen Bradley 8400MP control.  What’s worse is I’ve had to pay hundreds of dollars just get some of the documentation needed to figure it all out.  Lastly, most of the information I’ve found on forums is fragmented, and sometimes incorrect.   I think this is what’s driving me, that and maybe this will be a good place for me to keep track of my progress.

When all is said and done, I’ll have as much documentation as I have scanned in and available to download from this site.