So here she is, I love her.  I don’t care what you think of her, sure – she ain’t the prettiest, but she excites me.  Yeah, so that’s weird, I get it.  Ever see the movie Christine?   Heck my wife and kids tease me, and say she is my girlfriend.  In fact, they’ve given her the name “Mildred”.  Get it?  Mill-dread.this_old_millOkay, I’m being goofy, but I’m only half kidding when I say “she excites me”.  I’m excited about the opportunity this old mill gives me to create things you just can’t make with tools found in most people’s garage.

I enjoy making things, and so far these have mostly been wooden things using my table saw, router table, planner, etc., but you can’t run metal across those types of tools.  To shape metal, namely – blocks of steel and aluminum you need a big ole beast of a machine.  Something like this old mill.

This website is dedicated to how I figured out how to put 2+ tons of 1980’s CNC milling awesomeness in my garage, get it up and running, and make cool stuff.  My hope is that this inspires someone else thinking of doing something similar to go for it.  Likewise, I hope it helps others see that with some effort, there is a lot of life left in these old mills.